Chief Broadband Advisor – Office of the Secretary of Commerce and Trade

The Chief Broadband Advisor serves as Virginia's single point of contact and integration for broadband issues, efforts, and initiatives and to increase the availability and affordability of broadband throughout all regions of the Commonwealth.

Vacant - Chief Broadband Advisor

DHCD provides broadband grants through its Virginia Telecommunications Infrastructure (VATI) grant program. The VATI grant program prepares communities to build, utilize, and capitalize on telecommunications infrastructure with the goal of creating strong, competitive communities.

Tamarah Holmes - Director of the Office of Broadband

Tammy Breski - Telecommunication and Broadband Program Manager

Caroline Luxhoj - Telecommunication and Broadband Project Manager

Tommy Hill – Telecommunication and Broadband Project Manager

Ammar Al Omari – Telecommunication and Broadband Project Manager

Chandler Vaughan – Broadband Policy Analyst

Lonnie Hamilton – Broadband Planner

Aaron Barnes – Broadband Planner

Broadband Advisory Council

The Broadband Advisory Council advises the Governor on policy and funding priorities to expedite deployment and reduce the cost of broadband access in the Commonwealth.

For more information check out the Commonwealth Connect report.