COVID-19 Broadband Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted Virginian’s ability to work, access healthcare and education, and has magnified the digital divide more than ever before. The Commonwealth Connect team has launched this webpage to provide information about what both the federal government and Virginia’s ISPs are doing in response to the crisis. For the latest on Virginia’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit -

Virginia Public WI-FI Hotspots


Click on the map for an interactive list of public WI-FI hotspots in Virginia, which will be continually updated.

Federal Communications Commission

  • Most broadband and cellular providers in Virginia have signed onto the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) "Keep Americans Connected", pledging that for the next 60 days these companies will not terminate service or impose late fees due to circumstances from the virus, as well as open wifi hotspots in areas of need.

Virginia Internet Service Providers

Many providers have gone beyond the Keep Americans Connected pledge, please find links to their response to COVID-19 below: