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VLBN Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund Webinar - June 9, 2021

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What is it?

The VLBN is an interactive forum for Virginia localities, schools, and libraries designed to promote collaboration, results-oriented discussion, and information sharing amongst community leaders seeking universal broadband coverage. The VLBN operates through simple email to avoid challenges surrounding varying applications and broadband connections.  

Why should I join?

Members of the VLBN will have an opportunity to connect with broadband leaders across the Commonwealth to discuss challenges when pursuing broadband and share best practices. VLBN members will also receive updates regarding broadband grants, federal and state legislation, and other pertinent information. 

Who should join?

The VLBN is specifically intended to be a place where Virginia local officials, schools, and libraries can have meaningful conversations regarding broadband. Our goal is to have every Virginia locality represented in VLBN.

How can I join?

If you are representing a Virginia locality, school or library and would like to join the VLBN please contact us with your name, title, locality.